Olivier’s TuffTool


The pocket-sized toolbox


Designed and tested for ease of use, the TuffTool is an easy to carry tool, perfected in a carabiner hook shape. It carries all the essential features for (almost) every job, whilst offering the benefits of a pocket-sized tool.

This unique patent-pending design lets you experience multitools on a completely new level!
The innovative mechanism allows the tool to separate into two parts and creates an infinite number of additional features.

The TuffTool is handcrafted and locally produced, with precision and care.

For further details or measurements, read the description.



The TuffTool is a tool that features a unique mechanism that allows it to bring more than its size! The carabiner hook and pliers’ mechanism holds the trigger in place with neodymium magnets which makes it easy to store the tool on any magnetic surface.
The tool includes the following functions: metric-wrenches 10, 13 and 15 mm, a bit holder, bottle opener, pliers, cutter, keyholder with quick release mechanism, flathead screwdriver, file, box cutter, 3 mm hex key and a Philips screwdriver.


Weight: 88 grams
Length: 95 mm
Width 35 mm
Thickness: 9.2 mm thick.
The magnets have a 660 grams magnetic pulling force. The body consists of 3 layers of stainless 430 steel with a layer of powder-coated red in the middle and features some carbon-steel parts.