Olivier’s Cactus


The unique wristband multitool!


Inspired by the practical needs of sailors, designed for the everyday traveller. Featuring a nail file, a beer opener and a box cutter! This bracelet will help you carry and organise your stuff on the go!

The Cactus is handcrafted and locally produced, with precision and care.


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With its elastic luggage strap that can be figured up to 20 different ways, the Cactus is a truly multifunctional utility. The Cactus end of the bracelet features a small file, a beer opener and a box cutter.

The Cactus is made from precision lasercutted stainless steel which is coated with car-grade paint. The elastic rope is a wear-resistant sailing rope which can hold up to 60KiloGrams and stretch up to 160cm! The wooden part is inspired by the production of longboards. It has 4 laminated layers of recycled cherrywood reinforced with glass fibre and is finished with a matte lack to protect it against UV and water.

The Cactus is one-size-fits-all. The size can be adjusted by moving the knot back and forth.